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Thereís an emergency...

Your spouse is in an auto accident; a parent has a medical emergency; a child is seriously injured while away from home. It happens every day - 1 out of 6 US households will have a family member admitted to the emergency room this year.*

Do you have a plan that will enable emergency medical personnel to access your personal health records and allow family or friends to be notified immediately?

Nationally, the average time to notify family or friends of an emergency is 6 hours. By combining the unique features of Alert's MediCall™ and MediLife™ with the efforts of emergency medical providers, we reduce the notification time to an average of 10 minutes and deliver vital medical information when itís needed most.

Be prepared. Protect your family, protect yourself - and rest a little easier.

*20 million emergency room admissions every year. (HIMSS 2009)